One Year After Colonial Pipeline Spill, Huntersville Neighbors Still Want Accountability

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. – One year later and neighbors say Colonial Pipeline still needs to be held accountable for a massive gas spill in Huntersville.

More than a million gallons of gasoline poured into Oehler Nature Preserve.

“Well we’re weary. We’re tired of worrying about what’s going to happen,” says neighbor Shannon Ward.

She and her husband Timothy live 1400 feet from the site.

“We’re concerned about property values, and what would happen if we needed to sell our house. We’re concerned about our health if anything shows up in our drinking water,” Ward says.

Remediation work continues at the site off Huntersville-Concord Road.

Teens riding ATV’s through the nature preserve discovered the spill and reported it last August.

“We have accepted responsibility for this incident,” said Angie Kolar with Colonial Pipeline, in a new video the company released on Tuesday.

Colonial Pipeline says it has invested $30 million in response and recovery efforts.

“We are committed to being at the location for as long as it takes to fully remediate the site,” Kolar said in the video.

The company has recovered more than 1.2 million gallons of product, installed more than 280 recovery and monitoring wells, and does weekly water testing at neighbors’ wells.

So far, no petroleum has been detected in any water testing.

But critics say the company hasn’t been held accountable.

“Almost feels like a movie, with this big corporation just getting away with things and the regular people not being listened to or heard,” says Huntersville Town Commissioner Stacy Phillps.

She and others say the community deserves better.

“Even when they are done cleaning and they get out of here, we don’t know the long term impacts on the environment and the health of the community in that area,” Phillips says.