Alligator Attack Interrupts Birthday Party


WEST VALLEY CITY, UT.– An alligator attack shuts down a birthday party at a reptile center in Utah. It happened on August 14th at the Scales and Tails. A guest captured the attack with her cellphone.

The alligator’s handler was trying to get the alligator to come back to the water. Suddenly, the gator grabbed her hand and tried to pull her into the water tank. Another guest, who happened to be the husband of the woman who was filming, jumped into action.

Donnie Wiseman tried to wrestle the woman’s hand out of the alligator’s mouth. At one point, the alligator went into a death roll. Eventually, the woman was able to get her hand free.

The handler was given medical treatment at the scene by another guest who happened to be a nurse. She was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.