President Biden Targets Corporate America For Help Curbing The Pandemic

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Moderna is working on creating one vaccine that fights both COVID-19 and the flu. The pharmaceutical company announced Thursday that it is developing a potential combination vaccine. The single dose vaccine would combine its booster against the coronavirus with its booster against the flu. The company reportedly hopes to have the shot ready and available by the fall. Moderna also submitted its COVID-19 booster shot for FDA approval this month.

Also on Thursday, President Joe Biden’s announced a new six step plan to fight new challenges that are fueling the pandemic: vaccinating the unvaccinated, further protecting the vaccinated through booster shots, keeping schools open, increasing testing and requiring masks, protecting the economic recovery and improving care for those with COVID-19.

Biden also signed two executive orders requiring all federal employees and contractors to be fully vaccinated. He says, “We remain at a critical moment, a critical time. We have the tools. Now we just have to finish the job with truth, with science, with confidence, and together as one nation.”

By order of the Biden administration, the U.S. Labor Department will now require all private businesses with 100 or more employees to ensure their workers are either vaccinated or tested once a week, or face thousands of dollars in fines per employee.

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