Vigil Held For 3 Year Old Killed When 150 Shots Fired Into His Home

CHARLOTTE, NC – An emotional celebration of life was held in West Charlotte on Monday night in honor of three year-old Asiah Figueroa. The child was killed after more than 150 shots were fired into his home while he slept last Tuesday night.

Family and friends surrounded the parents of Asiah during a candlelight vigil and balloon release.

The emotion and pain was still raw for the young family.

“I’m going to miss him so so so so much,” said Jasmine, Asiah’s aunt.

Jasmine and others shared memories of Asiah, his quick wit and lovable smile.

“You can’t imagine the hurt and devastation that is causing them,” said another relative.

Dozens of people gathered at Camp Greene Park to Support Asiah’s parents and others impacted by his death.

“It tears at the very insides of you to know that this child had his whole life ahead of him,” said Lisa Crawford with Mothers of Murdered Offspring.

She says these events are especially difficult when the one lost is a child.

“A child is really something different,” said Crawford.

Two cars pulled in front of a home on Richard Rozzell Rd. at 11:45 last Tuesday night. Video from a neighbor’s surveillance camera shows at least three people get out and fire more than 150 rounds. The bullets killed three year-old Asiah.

“On behalf of me and Brie, I just want to tell y’all, I appreciate y’all for real,” said Asiah’s father, Angel Figueroa.

The moment, difficult to put into words.

“I appreciate you all showing my baby boy so much love. Because I don’t have it. I don’t have it,” said Angel Figueroa with tears swelling in his eyes.

Asiah’s funeral is planned for Wednesday. The visitation is at 11am at Stonebridge Church on Prosperity Church Road. It’ll be followed by a service at noon.