Wilson’s World: It’s Fire Prevention Week! This Year’s Theme is “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety!”

CHARLOTTE, N.C — Wilson learned more about “Fire Prevention Week”  with the Charlotte Fire Department, a local firefighter who is also a children’s book author, and Phoenix the new Charlotte Firedog!
This year’s theme for Fire Prevention Week is all about the Sounds of Fire Safety. Sometimes people will remove batteries when the smoke alarm begins to chirp because of a low battery or the alarm is over ten years old. Doing that can be very dangerous! It’s very important to replace batteries and also check the expiration date on alarms.

Test all alarms, including CO alarms monthly. Make sure everyone in your home knows the difference between the sound of a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide alarm – three beeps for smoke alarms & four beeps for carbon monoxide alarms.
For more information about Fire Prevention Week and to learn more about the sounds of fire safety, check out