Wilson’s World: With the Alzheimer’s Association, November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness and Family Caregivers Month.

CHARLOTTE, N.C — There are 358,000 caregivers in North Carolina and today Wilson shared how the Alzheimer’s Association is encouraging people to recognize caregivers for all they do to support people with dementia.

November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness and Family Caregivers Month.‎ Katherine Lambert, CEO, Western Carolina Alzheimer’s Association gave tips on how small acts can make a big difference for  Alzheimer’s Caregivers. Try to make a regular  appointment and give the caregiver a break. Spend time with the person with dementia and give the caregiver time to run errands, go to their own doctor’s appointment, or engage in an activity that helps them recharge. Even one hour could make a big difference in providing the caregiver some relief!
Tackle their to-do list: Ask for a list of errands you can help with, like picking up groceries or prescriptions. Do yard work or other household chores. It can be challenging for a caregiver to find time to complete  simple tasks and your efforts could make a big difference!‎ Find out more at www.alz.org/northcarolina