Wilson’s World: Rock Hill Has A New Educational Exhibit, Wilson Gave Us A Preview Sharing The Story Of The Friendship 9

CHARLOTTE, NC — Rock Hill has a new educational exhibit, Wilson gave us a preview sharing the story of the Friendship 9.

The group of men, most of them students at nearby Friendship College, bravely joined the movement to protest segregation and oppression prevalent in Rock Hill and throughout the United States.

“Jail, No Bail: How 30 Days Impacted the Civil Rights Movement” has historical documents, newspaper articles, and videos inside the former McCrory’s building where the 1961 Friendship 9 sit-in took place.

The exhibit is a partnership of the Rock Hill African American Cultural Resources Advisory Committee, Winthrop University and the Louise Pettus Archives, Clinton College, Historic Rock Hill, Visit York County, The Kounter restaurant and 135 E Main Street Owners.

Find out more: VisitYorkCounty.com