Edge On The Clock: Will The Oscars Have Two Hosts This Year?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A bad day for Peloton’s marketing department, Rolls-Royce says the average age of their customers might be younger than you think, and reports say the Oscars could have more than one host – all on the Edge on the Clock.


It’s not a good day for Peloton’s marketing department. Spoiler alert for fans of the Showtime series “Billions” one of the main characters suffered a heart attack while rising the bike in the season six premiere.

And last month “Mister Big” died after using the bike in the premier of the “Sex and the City” reboot.

The shows could be causing real world problems for Peloton whose stock is down 80% from its peak.


Rolls-Royce says the average age of its customer may be younger than you think.

The luxury automaker reported its average customer is 43 years old. That means many of its buyers are much younger – possibly in their 20s or 30s.

According to the consulting firm IHS Markit, the automaker had a higher percentage of buyers under 45 than many other luxury brands during last year’s third quarter.


News reports say the Oscars could have more than one host.

Variety reports the Academy Awards are considering multiple hosts for the 94th Oscars.

The entertainment publication says show producers have contacted several celebrities.

The award show hasn’t had a host since 2018 because of the pandemic.