Dozens Of Families Say They’re Being Evicted From North Charlotte Mobile Home Park

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Dozens of families say they’re being forced to leave a North Charlotte mobile home park.

Neighbors worry they’ll have nowhere to go, after getting notice last week that the property they rent has been sold.

“In reality, I don’t have any plans, because we haven’t found any housing,” says resident Gabriela Gonzalez, through a translator.

The single mother has lived at the Countrywoods Mobile Home Park, off Old Statesville Road, for the past five years.

Friday, she got notice that her family of four must be out by the end of March.

Neighbors say they’ve been told a new mobile home development will go in.

“To move to a different place would be very difficult for me,” Gonzalez says, through a translator.

Gonzalez is worried she won’t be able to find anything affordable near where she works and where her kids go to school.

“Really it’s nerve-wracking, especially because of the kids and the schools and having to move them in the middle of the semester,” she says.

She wants more time to figure out what to do, but work has already begun at the site.

Wednesday, we saw crews tearing down already-vacated mobile homes.

“And what we’re seeing is that they are in fact kicking us out and evicting us, and they’re even tearing down the homes. They’ve even torn down the office,” Gonzalez says, through a translator.

WCCB Charlotte called the phone number for the Countrywoods Mobile Home Park, but the line has been disconnected.

We already reached out to the new property owner, but have not heard back.

“There’s nothing in this zip code for them that they can afford,” says Jessica Moreno, with Action NC.

She is helping the families figure out what to do.

She says she’s not against development, but wants to see more done to make sure existing residents are taken care of.

“What is the price of growth? And I don’t feel like the price of growth is to build on the backs of hard working families in our community,” Moreno says.