Some CMS Parents Express Outrage Over Controversial Book Requirement For Students

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Many parents of CMS students are outraged over a controversial book their child is required to read in school.

Some parents say the book, ‘The Girl Who Fell From The Sky’, contains incidents of rape.  The book is required reading for some 9th graders in CMS.  Parents spoke out during Tuesday night’s school board meeting.  They’re demanding leaders remove the book from the district.

“It’s not ok, and, I’m begging you to do something about it, maybe you weren’t aware, but you are aware now,” says Brooke Weiss with Moms for Liberty.

CMS released this statement:

“The Girl Who Fell from the Sky was part of the district’s implementation of Spring Board English curriculum for grades 9-12 and is among novel options for high schools. It was read during first semester by English I students. Within the curriculum, the goal is to provide students with texts that portray the human experience across time periods and cultures.  In the Spring of 2021, CMS provided all English I teachers and rising 9th grade students a list of four novel choices, which were suggested titles from our adopted curriculum, and which fit the culturally relevant request of our community. We received responses from 75 teachers and 753 students.

The two novel options, The Girl Who Fell from the Sky and If You Come Softly, were selected in response to requests from students, teachers, and the community for culturally relevant texts in the English classroom. The selection process began with suggested titles from our adopted curriculum. Teachers and students across the district voted and provided feedback on the initial four titles, which resulted in the two options for schools. The book is an option that may be selected by schools in accordance with the curriculum. The final choice was made at the school level.

CMS has a book objection process. This starts with a community member (parent, or student if in grades 9-12) notifying the principal and the principal reviewing the objection with the appropriate Board policy in mind.”

The group, Book Ban Buster Coalition issued this statement:

“The Bible contains rape, too, but we would never want to ban it. This book is an award-winning story of a young biracial girl dealing with society’s ideas of race and class. The objection being made is that the book has sexual content. But let’s be real about what the issue is here. This book, like many others, suddenly being targeted all across the country, are almost entirely about people of color and LGBTQ+ people. If sexual content were the issue, they’d be targeting Shakespeare, Earnest Hemingway, and yes, the Bible. Let’s not let politicians and outside groups impose a political agenda on our kids’ education,” says Krystyn Smith, a concerned mom from SOS Mecklenburg County, NC,  and part of the Book Ban Buster Coalition, in cooperation with Red Wine and Blue.

CMS has not said if they plan to keep the book in the district.