Chef Joya: Celebrating Black History and Vegan Cuisine

CHARLOTTE N.C. — Adjoa Courtney, aka Chef Joya, is an award-winning private chef, cookbook author, and owner of Cooking With Joya, who is based in Charlotte, NC. Chef Joya specializes in vegan and plant-based cuisine that incorporates Soul Food, Afro-Caribbean, French, and African cultural influences.

Chef Joya is famous for her ability to “veganize” any dish that traditionally contains meat and is becoming a formidable force in the vegan culinary industry—one magical meal at a time.

With several awards, successful restaurant collaborations, and cooking competition titles under her belt, one can find Chef Joya experimenting with dishes, preparing for her next exclusive dinner party, cooking for her celebrity clients, or sharing recipes on Instagram or YouTube via her channel, “Say What! It’s Vegan?”

Recent accolades include being named both critics’ choice in “Best Vegan Chef” and readers’ choice “Best Chef” in The Best of The Nest 2019 issue of Queen City Nerve Alt. Weekly Newspaper, being a featured chef (the only vegan chef) on BuzzFeed’s Tasty social media channels, and being selected as a 2021 Women Building the Future Honoree by Vegan Women Summit and Impossible Foods. 

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