Local Residents Of Ukrainian Decent Worry About Possible Full-Scale Invasion

FORT MILL, S.C. – A local woman with ties to Ukraine says her family there is preparing for a full-scale invasion.

Fort Mill resident Kathi Matiaszek continues to follow the latest from Ukraine, where her father grew up, and where her brother and his family live today.

She says the atmosphere has changed in the country’s capital, as the possibility of a larger conflict grows.

She’s urging the U.S. to beef up sanctions targeting Russia and President Vladimir Putin.

“The sanctions. They need to be severe. Enough of this, you know, pussyfooting around. And they need to hit him where it hurts,” Matiaszek says.

Kathi says her family there tells her a State of Emergency has been declared and things are much more tense in the past few days, as Putin begins to move into the country.