Morning Brew: My Peeps + Heavy Strawberries

CHARLOTTE, NC — In this Pure Intentions Coffee Morning Brew segment, Peeps are back with a customizable twist, and a giant strawberry is smashing records.

Peeps are back! And whether you love them or hate them, the sugary marshmallows are customizable this year. Customers will be able to choose between pink, yellow and blue peeps; dark, milk, and white chocolate coating; and confetti sprinkles, toasted coconut, chocolate chips, crushed pretzel, or crushed cookie for the toppings. My Peeps come in orders of 12 for $29.95. The customizable peeps can be ordered online.

A giant strawberry grown by a farmer in Israel has been declared the heaviest ever grown, weighing in at 10 ounces. The big berry has a circumference of 13 inches and is seven inches long. The proud farmer says a cold winter in Israel last year allowed more time for the fruit to grow before it ripened. Guinness says the fruit is about five times the size of an average berry and it also smashes the previous record for heaviest strawberry which was set in 2015.