Toyota Of N Charlotte’s Tips For When You Feel Carsick

If you’ve ever gotten carsick, you know just how awful it can be. Some people aren’t affected by riding in vehicles but others can get carsick in a matter of minutes if the conditions are right. Getting carsick makes traveling miserable snd if you’re in the driver’s seat, motion sickness can be downright dangerous. Toyota of N Charlotte is here with tips to help you cope! 

N Charlotte Toyota tips

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Six tips for when you’re carsick 

Tip #1: Treat it like the spins and grab onto something. Feeling a little off-balance and nauseated when you’re driving? Grab onto a flat surface and put the foot that’s not on the gas pedal flat on the floor. This can help to stabilize you until you can stop and take a break from the driver’s seat. 

Tip #2: Try ginger. Did you know that ginger – pretty much in any form – is good for treating nausea? If you’re falling victim to motion sickness whether behind the wheel of in the passenger’s seat, try sucking ginger candy, drinking ginger ale or ginger tea, or even just smelling ginger. Peppermint is another great anti-nausea tool when you’re carsick. 

Tip #3: Take deep breaths. Another N Charlotte Toyota tip for when your carsick is to channel your inner yogi and take deep, even breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus on your breathing to divert your mind from your nausea for a few minutes and hopefully, things will improve. 

Tip #4: Have a snack. Putting something in your stomach can also help when you’re carsick as it reduces acid and coats the lining of your stomach. However, be mindful about what you eat – something simple like crackers, fresh fruit, pretzels, etc. should do the trick, while rich, greasy, or heavy foods could actually make you feel worse. 

Tip #5: Keep looking forward. If you’re a passenger in the N Charlotte Toyota and you feel carsick, try training your eyes straight ahead and looking out the front windshield while keeping your head straight. Looking out the side windows or out the back window can make nausea worse, and so can putting your head down. 

Tip #6: Treat with medicine. If worse comes to worst, you may need to treat your carsick feeling with anti-nausea meds. However, be aware that they can often cause drowsiness, which can be dangerous or cause a car accident if you’re driving your N Charlotte Toyota. You may want to try ginger pills or all-natural Dramamine first. 

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