“The Androgynous Model” Set To Film Its Season 3 Finale At The Mint Museum In Uptown Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — On Sunday, “The Androgynous Model” will be filming its Season 3 Finale at the Mint Museum in uptown Charlotte.

Created, produced, and directed by Carolina native Nikki Eason, “The Androgynous Model” is an intentional, non-scripted, modeling competition show that encourages others to be brave in their journey to authenticity.

Eason says the show serves as a liaison between brands who are looking to become more diverse and inclusive.

The show consists of androgynous individuals being presented with life-altering challenges that will help them build, grow, and evolve into marketable models within the fashion, technology, and entertainment industry.

Officials say the winner of the show will receive sponsored gifts, prizes, photoshoots, publicity, and will be signed to the TAM agency.

Currently, Antoinette Beeks and Daffne Cruz are the two contestants left in the modeling competition.

Officials say they will fight for the top spot during the season finale on Sunday, March 27th live in Charlotte.

During the event, contestants will go through three challenges: PSA Commercial for TAM Agency,Runway Walk & Model Posing, and Q&A Interview.

Officials say “The fashion show will feature models from all walks of life, various forms of intersectionality and people who are not afraid to be who they are.”

At the end of all the challenges, the audience will have a hand in determining who the winner of TAM Season 3 will be by voting via QR code.

Officials say sponsors for Season 3 of TAM are queer owned/POC brands including SharpeHaus, Stuzo Clothing, Alani Taylor, Tagg Magazine, The Unleashed Voice Mag, and Melanin Behind the Lens.