Edge On The Clock: TikTok Content Moderators Sue, Claim Job Traumatized Them

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The legendary Phil Collins is done performing. The 71-year-old preformed his final concert on Saturday night in London. Collins has been touring with Genesis, after a 14-year hiatus of live performances. Collins became the band’s lead singer in the mid 70’s. Collins has talked about nerve damage, and says he’s had trouble drumming. In a few recent solo tours, Collins’ son Nic had to fill in for his father. In his farewell speech, Phil joked that now he and the band will have to get real jobs.

Plus, Taylor Swift is joining NYU’s class of 2022, as a doctor. The singer will receive a honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from the University in May. She will also speak at the commencement at Yankee Stadium.

And, TikTok is facing another lawsuit over working conditions. Content moderators claim the job traumatized them, and now they’re suing the short-form video platform and its parent company, ByteDance, for negligence.

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