A Local Woman With Family In Ukraine Condemns The Massacre By Russian Forces In The City Of Bucha

FORT MILL, SC. — A local woman with ties to Ukraine is reacting to the heartbreaking photos showing bodies of Ukrainian civilians littered throughout the outskirts of Kyiv as Russian soldiers withdrew from the area.

“I’ve traveled many times to Ukraine, and these people that I’ve seen in these photos they could’ve very well been people that I met or ran into on the street,” says Fort Mill Resident Kathi Matiaszek.

Matiaszek’s father grew up in Ukraine, and her brother and his family lived there for 31 years until fleeing the country to safety.

“Probably for the first time in my life is, something of this level in the news has really affected me personally and deeply.”

The Fort Mill resident says that despite her brother no longer living in Ukraine, he gets updates from friends who are still there.

“He has personal friends, colleagues that are still in Ukraine. Most of them are in Kyiv, and he communicates with them daily. But it’s very touch and go for a while, nightly they were going down to the bomb shelters, during the day people come out they’re able to go around the city a little bit.”