Queen City Zouk Expands Charlotte’s Dance Scene

CHARLOTTE- N.C.– Local dancers are bringing Brazilian Zouk to the Queen City!

Charlotte’s art scene is expanding expeditiously. From the museums to the murals, the performing arts, and our local corner street musicians, culture and art can be found on every corner of our city.

One art form, in particular, has been on the rise. Dance, Brazilian Zouk to be exact. Charlotte’s newest dance school ‘Queen City Zouk’ is offering classes to learn this lithe dance!

A little history for you:

Zouk began in the early 1990s, it evolved from the Brazilian partner dance known as the Lambada. Recently, Charlotte dancers have brought this beautiful style to the city.

Queen City Zouk dance school teaches structure, concepts, and the basics of Zouk while exploring four main types of partner movement. The organization prioritizes community and promotes a safe, inclusive, and very welcoming environment. The best part is, that you don’t need a partner to join!

Classes are held every Wednesday from 8:30 p.m to 10:30 p.m.

Join the 5-week Zouk Fundamentals Course!

Every month Queen City Zouk opens its doors for new members, or as they call it “Zoukinis” to join the community.

Their course covers the fundamentals of the dance, for example, basic steps and moves to get you out of your head and into your body.

Each week, instructors Tim Wegert and Sara Perez build on each lesson. Each session is comprised of structured training followed by a social dance to show off your new learned moves and to enjoy the music!

The community of zouk is growing fast and new zoukinis have expressed great things about the experience.

“One of the most interesting experiences in my opinion is the euphoria that comes when I get out of my head and allow my body to take over. I’ve learned to think less and feel more.” – Queen City Zouk member

You can sign up here to join!