Ride To Remember Memorial Service Honors Fallen CMPD Officer Mia Goodwin

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – On The Morning of Saturday, April 9th, the community joined together to honor the fallen police officer,  Mia Goodwin who was killed in a crash on December 22, 2021. 

Goodwin served the community for six years since joining the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in 2015. The brave officer left behind a husband, who serves as a firefighter, and three sons. The community has shown tremendous support for the Goodwin family since the tragic incident.

As a family of first responders, the community felt it was only right to continue to give back to the Goodwins, as they have risked their lives to serve and protect the city of Charlotte. In efforts to remember Mia Goodwin, organizer Crystal Ashe coordinated the Ride To Remember memorial service at the Oasis Shriner facility in north Charlotte. 

Ashe orchestrated a 40-minute vehicle parade in honor of Officer Goodwin. All angles of the venue overflowed, consumed by motorcycles, slingshots, Jeeps, Mustangs, and monstrous Ram trucks. The ‘Thin Blue Line’ flag whipped and waved in the wind as the drivers arrived at the service.

The smell of barbecue and sweet donuts filled the air as chefs prepped for the Barbecue fundraiser. Ashe organized several raffles for those attending, including auctions, T-shirts sales, gift baskets, and a donut food truck. All proceeds will go to the Goodwin Family.

Biker club members chatted in groups with matching black leather jackets, embroidered with the club names on the back. Motorcyclists walked around in chaps, gloves, and boots ready for the ride.

Ashe called a driver’s meeting prior to departure. All visitors including, Goodwin’s father gathered as Ashe spoke, highlighting the purpose of the service and the impact it will make on the community and more importantly on the Goodwin Family.

“ She left behind three kids, a husband, a dad, a mom, sisters, and cousins. In a blink of an eye, Ashe said, hold your kids close, hold your family close, and don’t let them go. Don’t take them for granted, that is why I did this ride.”

Goodwin’s father stood in the front of the crowd, thankful, emotional, and pained as Ashe recited a poem in honor of Officer Goodwin. 

He then took to the microphone, thanking everyone present for their love and support.

“I am thankful God can be forefront and center in our lives for this nation, and this is proof that it can happen, I love each and every one of you, I don’t know you, I don’t need to know you, but I would love to know you,” said Mr.Figueroa as he began to break down.

He continued, “I thank you for taking time out of your schedules to show support for my baby, a mother of three, my daughter. On behalf of the Figueroa family, the Goodwin family, and my grandsons, we love and we thank you so very much.” 

The crowd applauded and cried as Figueroa tearfully concluded his speech. After a heartfelt prayer, and an early birthday wish to the fallen officer, the departure began. 

All the vehicles lined up and roared their engines as they prepared for take-off on the Ride to Remember. The Drivers waved, honked, revved, and threw peace signs. The black and blue flags whipped in the wind as they rode off into the distance.  A sign of relief left Ashe’s chest as the last truck drove by. In an interview with WCCB news, she shared her thoughts before preparing for the rest of the service.

“I feel like we did Mr.Figueroa proud, I feel like we did Mia Proud. He just wanted her memory to stay alive and that’s why we’re here” 

Ashe states the total for all fundraisers will be posted on the Mia Goodwin Ride To Remember Facebook page. To follow up with the results click here.