Strawberry Picking Season Officially Underway Across The Carolinas

MIDLAND, N.C. — Strawberry picking season officially began Wednesday, and dozens of excited pickers rushed over to Deer Run Farm in Midland Friday.  More than 80-thousand strawberry plants were planted by hand at the farm.  They were planted last October, and farmers worked on them all throughout the winter.

Tony Little, the owner of Deer Run Farm, says this was a difficult year for his crop.  Inflation hit farmers hard this year.

“Everything has went up this year.  The only thing that’s bothering us right now is fertilizer.  Fertilizer is through the roof,” says Little.

Because of the price hike, Little says he had not other choice but to increase his own prices.  Strawberry lovers who want to pick their own fruit directly from the farm, or have the berries picked for them will now pay more.

“We went up one dollar on the pre-pick, and two dollars if you pick.  We didn’t want to do that, but we had to cover some of the costs,” says Little.

The ‘you-pick’ field at Deer Run Farm is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m.

The ‘pre-pick’ stand is open daily, and on Sundays from 1pm to 5pm.