Frost Advisory in Effect Early Wednesday Morning

A frost advisory goes into effect early Wednesday morning for much of the region that has started the spring growing season. Temps are forecast to fall into the mid-30s across much of the region under clear skies. That along with calm winds will likely lead to patchy frost across the region. This could mean trouble for some of those sensitive plants.

Today Tonight Tomorrow Temps

Tender annuals are the most at risk of damage with these extreme plunges in temperatures. Some examples of tender plants are geraniums, marigolds, and zinnias while beans, squash, and peppers are more sensitive vegetables.

Spring Frost

If you have potted plants, bring them inside. Cover those planted in your garden with a light blanket or cardboard box.

Frost And Freeze Alert Explainer

Temperatures will be rebounding quickly and another frost is unlikely this week with seasonable lows (low 50s) returning to the forecast by Thursday night.