Wentworth And Fenn Bakery Gets Bigger!

CHARLOTTE, N.C.  – The Wentworth & Fenn gourmet bakery is set to expand its walls in May 2022.

It was a sunny Wednesday, I hopped in my car and went to Camp North End to view the new establishments built in the area. It had been a while since I last visited.

I see what looks like a cozy house perched in the middle of brick buildings and garages and tons of construction. It immediately snatches my attention and I decide to take a look inside.

The bell dings as I open the door, with emerald green walls and gold accents at each corner of the small quaint establishment, Wentworth and Fenn reigned sophistication.

The patisserie had a vintage and minimalistic feel. A numeric typewriter sits atop a wooden counter, across from it, dainty cardholder supported suede-like business cards with the words ‘Wentworth & Fenn” embroidered in gold on the front.  There’s a fireplace nestled in the back corner with small chairs and pillows on both sides. The environment is compelling.

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The sweet aroma of vanilla fills the air as an assortment of sweet treats is posed in the glass window. The gourmet bakery holds an array of unique pastries including, honey, lavender, lemon tarts, apricot jalapeño bundt cakes, french macarons, and elegant-looking pavlovas.

A kind gentleman greets me from behind the counter. I smile and asked if he was the owner.

He chuckles and warmly says “I’ll grab her from the kitchen.”

As I stand near the register snapping photos of the beautifully crafted desserts, out comes the woman in charge, Sam, wiping her hands along her apron before she reaches to shake my hand.

I compliment the interior design of her bakery and eagerly ask her to tell me about her shop.

” We’re tiny but mighty” Sam says, laughing at her words.

The bakery is run by a staff of five, including Sam’s business partner, Cassie, who takes a handle on the aesthetics of the W&F storefront.

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Her eyes light up when I ask what her visitors can expect later this Spring.

“We are expanding!” says Sam with excitement! “After all the construction is complete, we’ll be expanding our patio for more outside dining.”

I gleam with anticipation for their big changes and look out the glass door of the bakery.

The W&F family values quality over quantity and it’s shown in their intricate detailing from the decor to the desserts placed gracefully around the store.

She offers me a coffee and a dessert to try. As a lover of french macarons, I couldn’t possibly pass up on the opportunity to taste the decadent sandwich cookies shaped like a sweet duckling.

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With a soft crunch on the outside and a smooth, delicate filling in between, the macaron brought about a genuine smile across my face. “I’ll be back for more! ” I responded.

Sam laughs and leaves me with their most important mission, before heading back to the kitchen, “we make everything with the intention,” she says with a nod of pride and confirmation.

I grab a business card and take one more photo of the place before heading back into the the warm air.

“Tiny but mighty,” I say aloud with a chuckle and exit the petite emerald and gold bakery.

Wentworth and Fenn is a wonderful addition to the shops at Camp North End.

The bakery is open Wednesday, Thursdays and Sunday from 10 a.m to 4p.m  and has extended hours on Friday and Saturday until 8.

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Check out Wentworth and Fenn here!


Dee Michel

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