Second Gun Found On CMS Campus This Week

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Many parents are outraged after another gun was found on a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools campus.

For the second time this week authorities found a student with a gun inside a Charlotte school.

It happened at Ranson Middle School in north Charlotte on Thursday. Now, some parents say they don’t believe CMS is doing enough to protect their child.

One parent immediately checked her daughter out of school after hearing about the gun and is now considering home schooling her kids.

“I hung up of course and then I proceeded to go to the school right away and just pick my daughter up I just wanted to get her out of the school,” Ranson Middle School parent Laquanda Acker said.

CMS would only confirm that a gun was found on campus at Ranson Middle School on Statesville Road. They have not said if s student was arrested or if the school was placed on lock down. But, what we do know is this is the second time this week a gun was found on a CMS campus.

Tuesday, officials say a student was found with a gun at Renaissance West Steam Academy.

“I’m used to it actually coming from a high school cause my other daughter is from west Charlotte so I’m used to it coming from there,” Acker said. “And now that it’s in middle school that makes it even worse what about, elementary next? It’s too much.”

At least 28 guns have been found on CMS campuses this year.

Several CMS high schools are now using body scanners and metal detectors. CMS even ordered clear backpacks for students but later scrapped the idea due to potential health risks.

Community advocate Will Adams with Team TruBlue has worked for years mentoring Charlotte’s youth. He says the city as well as school leaders need to take action against violence in schools now.

“When they decide that it happened to their child that goes to CMS then I feel like they’ll do something but how many of their kids go to CMS,” Adams said. “Until they enforce it in a way that it really sends a message we’re going to continue to see this.”