North Carolina Leaders Speak Out After Tragic Texas School Shooting 


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — CMS is offering support to students, CMPD is increasing its police presence and leaders across North Carolina are speaking out after the tragic shooting that occurred at a Texas elementary school Tuesday.

N.C. Governor Roy Cooper released a video on critical gun safety reforms to protect our communities following the senseless act of violence at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde.

Click to watch video on YouTube.

The North Carolina Association of Educators also released a statement in response to the shooting.

Tamika Walker Kelly, President of the NCAE, says:

“This tragedy is a devastating moment for our country. We mourn with the Uvalde community and the grieving families of the lives lost. We recognize the survivors of this mass shooting and support their grieving process. This is not something anyone should have to experience. Schools are meant to be where dreams are created. Elementary schools, especially, are a place where children play, grow, and build towards their futures – and should be somewhere they are safe and protected. Our teachers and education staff should be able to focus on the intentional curriculum they created that best supports their children’s educational growth, not preparing for tragedies. We as a community, including our elected officials, need to come together and create a solution-based approach and policies to ensure that this dangerous precedent is stopped in its tracks. We cannot continue to normalize these events and risk the lives of our children and teachers.”

CMS sent a letter to families on Wednesday detailing the resources that will be available to students to ensure their emotional well-being during this time.

CMS says “We recognize that many students will come to school today needing reassurance, while others will have no knowledge of what has occurred. Our staff members have experience responding to students with different needs in many situations.”

Below is CMS’ approach to assuring all students feel safe at school:

  • We will support our students by listening and reassuring them of the ways we keep them safe.
  • We will actively monitor children while arriving and getting settled in the morning. Younger kids (especially) can’t hold in pressing thoughts for long.
  • If students mention the situation, the teacher will call them away and ask how they are feeling about what they know.
  • Teachers and staff will affirm students’ feelings as a natural response and let them know that we understand if they are scared, sad, mad, anxious or have other emotions.
  • We will reassure them that they are safe and remind them of the many safety measures we have in place: secured classrooms, screening adults/visitors before entering campus and requiring a sign-in and a badge, adults monitoring hallways, police officers and security associates on campus or nearby.

CMS also included several resources to talking with children about violence and responding to tragedy in the news which can be found above.

CMPD says it will increase patrols and zone checks around Charlotte-Mecklenburg elementary schools as a precautionary measure.