Perfect Weekend to Get Outside

AM Headlines:
  • AM Patchy Fog for the Mountains
  • Pleasant Fall Weekend
  • Heating Up Next Week
  • Staying Dry
  • Tropical Storm Fiona Latest
Kicking off our Friday with patchy fog across the mountains. Highs will reach the mid 80s this afternoon with another picture perfect day full of sunshine and low humidity. College Day will be one for the books in Boone with clear skies and cool morning temps in the 60s. Highs will top out in the low to mid 70s as App State takes on Troy Saturday afternoon. The rest of the region will be just as delightful with highs in the mid 80s through the weekend. Things begin to heat up next week as surface high remains in control of the region. Temps will climb into the low to mid 90s. Limited rain chances continue through the middle of next week.
Tropical Storm Fiona
Tropical Storm Warnings are in effect for parts of the Leeward Islands with TS Watches for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. This is the little storm that could, fighting shear to the north and drier air, but continuing to truck along to the west. It will bring an increased rip current risk, dangerous storm surge and life threatening flooding with up to 1/2 a foot across Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. As the storm tracks west, 4-8″ will be possible across Hispaniola. The storm will likely curve to the north and west, guided by the weakening Bermuda High. Depending on how roughed up the storm gets over the rocky terrain of Hispaniola will be telling as the storm could bring an increased rip current risk to the east coast by the middle of next week.