How Are You Preparing For Impact From Ian?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – We’re getting a clearer look at the path of destruction and devastation left behind in Florida from Hurricane Ian. The catastrophic storm turned entire cities into lakes, washed away homes and cars, and knocked out electricity to more than 2.6 million Florida homes and businesses.

The powerful winds and rain also cut off the only bridge to a barrier island and destroyed a historic waterfront pier. Search and rescue operations are still underway through flooded streets to save people trapped in their homes. The death toll from the storm is still being counted. Florida residents who didn’t evacuate say their homes are unrecognizable. Resident Sydni Vanhorn says, “It’s ruined, completely ruined, the fridge is on the floor, the couches are turned upside down, the toilets are on the floor.” Resident Chad Eggleston says, “You kind of find yourself in a position where you’re totally powerless.”

Ian tied as the fourth most powerful hurricane to hit the Sunshine State. It downgraded to a tropical storm as it moved off the coast of Florida before strengthening back into a category one hurricane over the Atlantic ocean. It’s now moving north, and is expected to make a third landfall near Charleston, South Carolina on Friday. Hurricane warnings are in place for the entire coast of South Carolina. Tropical storm warnings are in place for much of our area, including the Charlotte metro.

On Friday, local neighborhoods could see tropical-storm force winds, heavy rain and flash flooding in some spots. Emergency officials across the Carolinas have been preparing for impacts from the storm. Charlotte Storm Water Services are pushing people to check storm drains near their homes, and to secure any loose yard items. They also remind people to never enter flood waters. Officials say you should also be prepared in case you lose power.

Our question of the night: how are you preparing for impacts from Ian?

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