Iconic West Charlotte Dairy Queen Is For Sale

Dairy Queen On Wilkinson Boulevard Is Listed For $1.4 Million, WCCB's Kelli Bartik Has The Latest On The Legendary Charlotte Landmark.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — An iconic West Charlotte landmark is up for sale. The Dairy Queen on Wilkinson Boulevard is on the market, for 1.4 million dollars.

The historic ice cream shop was built there in 1947. Now, there are fears that it could become the latest Charlotte landmark to disappear.

If you’re driving down Wilkinson Boulevard, it’s hard to miss the vintage, art-deco style building with the iconic sign.

“Everybody loves the Dairy Queen on Wilkinson Boulevard. They remember the big Eskimo, they remember waiting at the counter. With friends and neighbors and strangers from all over Charlotte.” Community Historian Tom Hanchett knows all about the beloved spot. “Old buildings help us understand how we got here. They’re built over time, and the love that goes into a place like the Dairy Queen is a resource, you can’t put a dollar figure on it. It is part of what makes us community.”

For more than seven decades, this Dairy Queen has been a place in Charlotte for people to not only satisfy a sweet tooth, but to socialize and make memories.

George Butler knows that first hand. “I mean, it’s a part of history.” The Charlotte native has been coming to this Dairy Queen since he was in high school. “I’m sure a lot of my friends could see me right now, they know this place. I mean, they brought their grand kids here. So, it’s a legend.”

The DQ is also a favorite spot for the guys next door at Fire Station 10. “Its very convenient just to go to Dairy Queen next door, after a long day, we can just walk right there.”

Rookie firefighter Austen King says his favorite snack is the Reece Cup swirl Blizzard, “I know that Station 10 would be very upset if Dairy Queen actually gets sold and has to leave.”

The legendary Dairy Queen isn’t going away any time soon. At least, for now according to the owner’s son.  “Nobody is more nostalgic about this place than our family, and we haven’t really been looking to sell.” Sherman Walters said his family was constantly fielding calls from developers and real estate brokers interested in the property, so they finally decided to list it. Who knows, maybe they’d get an offer too good to refuse.

As for now, Walters is staying put.  “We don’t have any plans to go anywhere, unless the golden goose brings us a gold egg that we just can’t resist.”