Concerns About Student Achievement Loom Over CMS School Board Race

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Concerns about student achievement could play a big role in the upcoming school board election.

Expect to see some new faces. 6 district seats are up for grabs with only 4 incumbents running.

Members of the African-American Faith Alliance have long called for change in CMS.

“We’ve suffered for a long time from a crisis of leadership. That begins with the board,” says Pastor Jordan Boyd.

They hope concerns about student achievement and the recent poor results in the Nation’s Report Card will motivate people to push out who’s currently in office.

“Our concern has been that from a school board and from a CMS perspective, there’s no sense of urgency, that it’s business as usual,” Boyd says.

UNC Charlotte Political Science Professor Eric Heberlig says while school board doesn’t always drive people to the polls, this year could be different.

But he says voters driven by anger are also taking the gamble that someone new can do better, and are often only motivated by the desire to oust current leaders.

“They’re not really comparing the agendas of each of the candidates and saying this is the better educational platform, versus that one,” Heberlig says.