Charlotte Baker Helping To Feed Families In Ukraine

Manolo's Bakery Owner, Manolo Betancur, Headed To Ukraine To Help Feed Ukrainian Families Impacted By War.

CHARLOTTE, N. C. — A family owned bakery in Charlotte is going above and beyond the call of duty for the people of Ukraine.

Manolo’s Bakery on Central Avenue continues to make a huge impact, while worlds away. One bite at a time.

Helping others is nothing new to Manolo Betancur. “It’s part of this bakery’s philosophy. Helping.”

So, when the war in Ukraine began, it didn’t take long for the owner of Manolo’s Bakery to figure out how he could best help the people in need.
“Oh, I’ve got a way. Just bakeries. Because that’s my people. And I know about bread. Bread is not that hard to make.” Betancur would stick with what he knew. “You feed the belly, you feed the spirit.”

And he’s been helping to feed the spirits of Ukrainians ever since.

Manolo’s Bakery immediately spearheaded a fundraising effort. And with the the help of local churches, nearly a million dollars was raised to help rebuild a bakery in Ukraine that was destroyed, then invaded by Russian soldiers during the war.

“The Russian soldiers destroyed the bakery and stole everything,” Betancur explained to WCCB Charlotte’s Kelli Bartik, “and the bombs destroyed the oven. So with the money that we collect here at the bakery, we built a new oven — under the roof where the Russian soldiers were sleeping.”

Betancur says his work is not done. Next week he will travel to Ukraine to help secure a delivery van and heaters, so that the bakery can continue to help those in need throughout the harsh winter months.

“Cold weather is crazy there. It’s already cold.” Betancur says wholeheartedly. “They need a delivery van to deliver bread to the people in need. And I told them, I’m going to work for that. That is my goal.”

And as always, Manolo Betancur plans to follow through on his promise.

It is not to late to help!  Visit Manolo’s Bakery in person, or donate online.

For more information on this incredible work from love, and what the funds are helping, look here.