Soaring Inflation Making Halloween More Expensive

CHARLOTTE, N.C. —  Mason Shaw loves everything about Halloween.

“Halloween is my favorite holiday and I celebrate it every year,” Shaw said.

She said this year is extra special.

“Its my first time living in a neighborhood with a bunch of kids. We just bought a house so we will definitely be buying candy,” Shaw said.

Inflation and rising prices for consumer goods means she’ll be spending more on candy this Halloween season.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says candy prices shot up by 13 percent this year — that’s the highest since 2008.

“Its gotten to the point where you decide am I going to get groceries or am I going to get candy,” Alvin Caesar said.

Many families are feeling the pinch.

“I have five kids so I’m not going to be able afford those prices. I’d rather eat throughout the week than spend an extra thirty bucks that day,” Caesar said.

Inflation is also impacting the price of costumes and the USDA says the price of pumpkins has gone up 7.5 percent.

“I’ve already bought pumpkins and  I spent around 40 to 50 dollars on pumpkins,” Shaw said.

Shaw said its not shopping her from enjoying her favorite holiday.

“Its one of those things that I think that even though there’s a price increase and inflation its one of those things that I’m willing to splurge on.”

However, others said its causing them to get creative to be able to afford to celebrate Halloween.

“Try to improvise and make your own outfit or even re purpose last year’s outfit,” Caesar said.