Jeff Jackson Pulls Campaign Ad As Police Investigate Shooting Into Opponent’s Family Home

HICKORY, N.C. —  Senator Jeff Jackson, the Democrat running for the NC-14 congressional seat, has pulled a political ad from WCCB-TV and other Charlotte TV stations that showed a house owned by his Republican opponent Pat Harrigan.  The decision was in response to a Twitter post from Harrigan that accused Jackson’s campaign of threatening political violence.


Hickory Police are currently investigating a shot that was fired into a different house owned by Harrigan’s family sometime between October 16 and October 18.  Police have not said if the shooting was politically motivated.

Out of an abundance of caution, Jackson’s campaign pulled its campaign ad and issued the following statement:

“We fully support law enforcement as they investigate this incident and believe any wrongdoing should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We at Team Jackson pulled our ad in an abundance of caution and concern, but to be clear, the home involved in the incident has never been featured in any of our advertising,” said Tommy Cromie, Campaign Spokesperson.

WCCB-TV has reached out to Pat Harrigan’s campaign for comment.  We have not heard back.