822,000 Passengers Will Travel Through CLT This Holiday, Ways To Be Prepared

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The trek to the Thanksgiving Day table starts now. Travel officials consider this Thursday, the first day of Thanksgiving holiday travel.


Experts says the busy travel holiday starts the Thursday before Thanksgiving and lasts through the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Whether by air, or by ground, more North Carolinians are traveling this year than they have since the pandemic. Many will be going through Charlotte-Douglas Airport.

“0013 there’s going to be more people in the ticketing lobbies, there’s going to be longer lines at the TSA screen checkpoint, it’s gonna be longer weights at the ticketing counters as well as the concession stands,” said CLT Chief Operating Officer Jerome Woodard.

There are 20,000 parking spaces at CLT. Airport officials are expecting most, if not all, to be used up.

To be safe, CLT officials suggest booking a spot on the ParkCLT website. If you don’t, you can check the parking lot status by calling (704)359-5555. Click here for bus wait times.

If you haven’t traveled through CLT lately, things will look different.

“You can use any of the entrances. They are all open for the holidays, as we do the construction,” said CLT Chief Infrastructure Officer Jack Christine.

Christine also said All lines at TSA will be open including a recently added line at the C checkpoint. To check the TSA wait times, click here.