Ice Hockey At The Ballpark In Uptown

For the very first time, ice hockey was played in the outfield at Truist Field in Uptown Charlotte. Ice Skating is coming soon!

CHARLOTTE, N. C. — Outdoor ice hockey in Uptown? Yes. Outdoor ice hockey in Uptown.

The Light The Knights Festival doesn’t begin until the day before Thanksgiving, but the newly installed ice skating rink in the outfield at Truist Field was put to good use with a pair of hockey games underneath the lights.

The Charlotte Rush got things started, facing off against the Carolina Hurricanes.

A great turnout for the first-ever hockey game in the ballpark’s history and the action continues on Saturday night when the ice hockey club teams of UNC Charlotte and Wake Forest play on the regulation-sized sized rink.

The ice skating rink at Truist Field will be open to the pubic when the Light The Knights Festival officially begins on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Don’t own any ice skates? No problem. You can rent a pair at Truist Field.

Just don’t forget to bring a pair of warm socks!