Kelly Clarkson Reveals Big Surprise For Local Nonprofit

LOS ANGELES, CA. – WCCB nominated For The Struggle, run by Charlotte attorney Alesha Brown, for the “Good Neighbor of the Year” segment on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Kelly then flew Alesha and WCCB News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty out to Los Angeles to tape a segment about the nonprofit. Kelly said, “I gotta ask, because you’ve probably covered so many stories in your community. So what stuck out about this organization?” Morgan replied, “Oh my gosh, what Alesha is doing in Charlotte is incredible.”

Alesha’s organization protects and serves Black seniors in Charlotte’s Beatties Ford Road corridor with fresh meals, property tax help, legal services, making their homes environmentally efficient major home repairs. Kelly said, “That is so cool what you do.” Alesha replied, “It’s a blessing to be a blessing.” Kelly said, “Yeah, it feels good right! That return is so nice.”

While Alesha and Morgan were in studio with Kelly, WCCB News @ Ten anchor Gary Brode was on the scene in west Charlotte with one of Alesha’s colleagues, Erica, and of the seniors they’ve helped, Ms. Donna. Gary asked, “What have they done for you specifically?” The answer: more than $25,000 in home repairs, just at Donna’s home alone. Donna said, “Alesha, you know, you are my angel. Thank you so much!”

And then, the big surprise. Kelly told Alesha, “Netspend loves your passion for paying it forward and improving your community, so to help you to continue your work, they’re going to give you $25,000 to continue your work to help out!” Alesha said, “Thank you!” Kelly replied, “It’s such an awesome heart you have!”

Backstage, Alesha and Morgan sat down to talk about what just happened and how she’ll use Netspend’s donation. Alesha explained, “I can keep my staff on, I can keep the people who are making the change, I can continue to pay them to do that work.” She continues, “Protecting our seniors and protecting these historic neighborhoods is so important.” She says, “I’m incredible thankful and blessed to be here and hopefully I will come back!”

“Come back.” Don’t forget that! The viewers of The Kelly Clarkson Show will vote on their favorite “Good Neighbor of the Year” nominees, and if Alesha and for the struggle wins, they could be invited back to the show. We will find that out in the spring.