Protections For Same-Sex Marriage Pass Senate

WASHINGTON, D.C.– The U.S. Senate is celebrating the passing of the “Respect For Marriage Act”.  Lawmakers passed the bill on  Tuesday with bi-partisan support. It will go to the House next week. That lawmaking body is also expected to pass the bill. Tuesday’s vote is evidence of growing support for same-sex marriage. In recent Gallup Polls, support stood at 71%, a big jump from the 27% recorded back in 1996 when Gallup began tracking the issue.

The bill would protect same-sex marriages if the Supreme Court should ever decide to overturn the decision legalizing them. Individual states can still ban same-sex marriage, but under the “Respect For Marriage Act”,  marriages from other states would have to be recognized. The bill also offers protection s to interracial marriage.

North Carolina, republican senator, Thom Tillis had this to say: “This bipartisan legislation is a good compromise that provides permanent certainty for same-sex couples while ensuring robust protections for churches and religious organizations, protections that are more robust and expansive than what currently exists in federal law.” “This bill protects all religious liberty and conscience protections available under the Constitution and Federal law, including the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and cannot be used to diminish or repeal any such protection. I worked hard to include this religious freedom amendment so churches and religious organizations will continue to operate and worship free from government interference, and I want to thank my colleagues for coming together on a bipartisan basis to pass the legislation.”