New Walking And Biking Trail Opening Soon Near Morganton Thanks To Help From Community

MORGANTON, N.C. — A massive effort is underway near Morganton to save nature and allow people to enjoy it.

Not long from now, the Oak Hill Community Park will be opening to the public.

Andrew Kota is the Executive Director of Foothills Conservancy.  The non-profit is in the process of creating walking and biking trails on the 652 acre Oak Hill property.

In a region with plenty of hiking and biking spots, Foothills Conservancy is adding another option. Especially, for the locals.

“I think this park will offer the easiest access from some of our local communities and just sort of spread out some of the usage we’re seeing throughout this region,” explained Kota.

Protecting this much land, while noble, isn’t cheap.

“Over $1 million was raised just for this project through local community members. We have tremendous support from all over our eight county region and beyond,” Kota said.

Everyone in  Morganton seems to be doing their part, including one of its local breweries.

“It’s amazing what they’re doing. This community is really small but mighty,” said Brit Josa of Fonta Flora Brewery.

Fonta Flora Brewery and Foothills Conservancy has a long standing partnership. About six years ago, the two entities bought what is now the Whipporwill Farm. Eight acres went to a new brewery location, the rest of the 50 acres was donated by Foothills Conservancy to Lake James State Park.

“That land will forever be pristine and beautiful,” said Josa of Whipporwill Farm.

When it’s time to close out at Fonta Flora Brewery, customers have the option of donating to the cause.

Brewery employees and the rest of the community will be walking the Oak Hill trail by next year. The Conservancy is hoping to open up the first seven miles of the hiking and beginner biking trails by this

“Really just an opportunity to explore nature a little bit. Breathe some fresh air,” said Kota while walking the trail.