Superintendent Search Community Survey Results Presented To CMS Board

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The results are in. We’re learning what the community wants to see in the next CMS Superintendent.

District leaders brought in a local consulting group to survey parents, teachers, and people in the community.

School board members did have some criticisms though.

Christine Edwards, with local consulting firm Civility Localized led the survey of more than 1,600 stakeholders.

She’s contracted through the Charlotte Executive Leadership Council.

“We’re really proud of what we were able to gleam from the process,” Edwards says.

Survey respondents were asked to select their top five qualifications for Superintendent.

They included improving student performance and experience leading a diverse organization.

“People want a leader who can really excel internally, develop a team and delegate, but also balance the community and also be highly visible in the community,” Edwards says.

But school board members did raise concerns about the low number of people surveyed.

“We’ve got a low percent, if you just look at the number of students who are taking it, based on the demographics, it’s skewing it feels more high income, more Whites,” said School Board Member Summer Nunn.

60 percent of the more than 1,600 survey respondents were White.

That’s despite minority students being a majority of enrollment in the district.

And 82 percent of respondents were Women.

“From us, from looking at this, this is like a continued, you know, thing that we continue to leave out certain populations,” said School Board Member Gregory “Dee” Rankin.

We asked Edwards about that.

“I definitely think that community engagement is not a perfect and its hard to measure engagement especially when you’re using a tool like an online survey, that’s why we also supplemented our engagement outreach with a listening session so that we held in our corridors of opportunity,” she says.