Russia Warns U.S. Against Sending Military Aide to Ukraine

Washington, D.C.– Russia is warning the United States against providing military aide to Ukraine after the Biden Administration announced a $1.8 Billion aide package. The warning comes as Ukraine’s President Vlodymyr Zelensky made a visit to Washington, D.C. where he made a speech in front of a Joint Session of Congress.

During the visit, President Biden declared that the U.S. would continue to project a united defense with Ukraine as it continues to battle Russia. Russia says any aide to Ukraine could escalate tensions. The military package coming from the U.S. includes special guided bombs for fighter jets.

Putin also said that Russia is focused on developing nuclear forces to guarantee its sovereignty. Zelensky’s trip to the U.S. was planned in secret. He flew to Poland before boarding a U.S. military aircraft that carried him to D.C.