Community Organization Working to Stop The Killing as Charlotte Hits 109 Homicides

CHARLOTTE, N.C. —  Rev. James Barnett, has been working to stop violence in the Charlotte area for 35 years. 

He said his ‘Stop the Killing’ crusade is one of the oldest crime fighting organizations in the city —  its goal  is to put words into actions. 

” The murder rate goes up because we just sit by not doing anything. We just wait for someone else to come and solve it for us. Nobody can save us from us but us,” Barnett said. 

According to CMPD,  there have been 109 homicides  this year — a nearly 8 percent increase from 2021. 

Sunday,  Barnett will host a rally and press conference to lay out plans  to help drop that  number  in 2023. 

” In 35 years I haven’t had this type of response, especially from the young people,” Barnett said. 

He said  part of his plan is to reach young people who have become increasingly more involved in violent crime. 

” We’re kicking around the idea now of a mass march of young people. 1000 black youth united to stop the killing.” Barnett said. “ They want to get together in one city and send a message to another city, that here young people in Charlotte stood up and came together so why can’t Chicago do that? Why can’t Baltimore, and Atlanta do it?” 

Barnett said  it will also take  a joint effort from older people as well as youth  to see a reduction in crime. 

” We have been a race who have been hard to get young and old to work together. We’ve got to bring some unity in the community.”