Friends And Family Remember Victims In Dilworth Scaffolding Collapse

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – We’re hearing from family and friends of the victims in the construction catastrophe in Dilworth.

Three workers died when scaffolding collapsed at a construction site.

Family members have identified two of the three victims who died at the worksite at East Morehead Street and Euclid Avenue.

“Aw man, it’s heartbreaking. It’s truly heartbreaking,” says Patrick Carroll, owner of Armada Skate Shop.

Carroll says he watched one of the victims, 26-year-old Jose Canaca, grow up as a regular customer.

“He’d come in, spread the love and get out and you know within the hour you’d see videos on Instagram of him actually skating the board we just sold him and it was kinda an awesome thing to witness,” Carroll says.

Canaca’s family identifying him on a GoFundMe page.

“Awesome kid, persistent kid. Never complained about work. Ever. In fact it was kinda like one of his prides. He kinda, had finally gotten into that groove, into that window of life where it was his oyster,” Canaca says.

The family of another victim, Gilberto Fernandez, is also raising money for his funeral on GoFundMe.

They write Fernandez, who is originally from Mexico, “was a hard-working man. He did not like to miss work or make problems.”

Back at the skate shop, Carroll says Canaca’s passion for skateboarding merged with his work in construction, when he helped build the former DIY Skatepark at the old Eastland Mall site.

“He would go spread the concrete and help them with materials,” Carroll says.

He says Canaca was never afraid, even though he knew he had a dangerous job.

“Yeah, he did, but he was fearless, you know, he was pretty fearless,” Carroll says.

The third worker who died hasn’t been identified. Two others were hurt but are expected to be OK.