Mold & No Hot Water Causes Livingstone Students To Move Out Of Freshman Dorm

SALISBURY, N.C. — Several students living in a freshman all-girls building on Livingstone College’s campus have moved out because of poor living conditions.

“The shower is ice cold,” said Amani Hector.

Cold showers is the most recent problem at Goler Hall.

One student who lives in the building and  asked that her identity remain anonymous said she has trouble breathing in her room when she wakes up. She blames mold on the pipes in her room for her poor health.

Cidney Fort, another freshman at Livingstone, moved out of Goler before the building lost it’s hot water last week. Her doctor told her she was allergic to mold and needed to get out of the building immediately.

She and her roommate felt similar symptoms when they moved in this Summer.

“We noticed that our breathing was messed up really bad. We laid down and we had really bad headaches and stomach aches, things like that,” explained Fort of her symptoms.

Hector is also moving out.

“I’m packing my stuff to go to another dorm room,” she said.

Moving out temporarily, permanently or taking showers in other buildings were the options Livingstone President Anthony Davis gave the women living in one of the oldest buildings on campus after the water heater broke.

Livingstone released this video Tuesday night.