Temporary Housing Extended For Dozens of Seniors Forced Out Of Apartment

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Dozens of seniors now have a little longer to find a permanent place to live after being forced out of their home.

On Christmas Day, the pipes burst at the Magnolia Senior Apartments. 68 seniors living there have been forced to live in hotels since.

The temporary housing was supposed to run out at the end of January.

Executive Director of Champion House For Care, Janette Kinard, told WCCB on Wednesady those seniors will be allowed to stay in the hotel through February.

Kinard said the last month of uncertainty is taking a toll.

“We’ve asked the county to actually bring in counselors, because some of them say we need counseling, this is too much. Mental health is real, and they sit up half of the night and cry,” said Kinard.

There is no word at this time when seniors will be allowed to return to the Magnolia Senior Apartments.

There are several items Kinard said the seniors need right now. Click here to donate.