Jumping Into A Fun Exercise With CLT Double Dutch Aerobics


CHARLOTTE, N.C.– Alex Espy is a Cincinnati native, grew up jumping Double Dutch in the neighborhood and on a competitive team as a child. She has always loved sports and activities that incorporate coordinated movements: including cheerleading, dancing, stepping, and jumping rope.

In 2011, Alex moved to Charlotte, NC where she began her career in grocery retail services and for the past six years in payroll, finance, and human resources. However, something was missing. She wanted to get back to doing one of the things she enjoyed the most growing up: Double Dutch.

Alex was introduced to Double Dutch Aerobics (DDA) in 2019 during their nationwide tour. In 2021 she was granted the opportunity to become a Certified Double Dutch Aerobics Instructor to bring DDA to the Queen City. Following a weekend of intense training, she hit the ground running and launched Double Dutch Aerobics Charlotte in February 2022.