The Town Of Ayrsley: Southwest Charlotte’s Vibrant And Convenient Community

CHARLOTTE, NC – Are you looking for a place to eat, grab a drink or catch a movie?  Maybe you’re searching for a place to run errands like the cleaners, dentist’s office, or a barbershop or salon. If so,  look no further!

The Ayersly community has it all.

Located off of I-485 and South Tryon, the location is equipped with everything a person could need including housing, a college campus, gym facilities, and more.

The multiple-use community also offers various activities for city goers to indulge in. Encompassing over 20 restaurants and bars, Ayersley is easily one of Charlotte’s top quaint locations. Enjoy live music and games at the Piedmont Social House all within walking distance of the nearby hotels and housing developments in the area.  The housing units within Ayrsley create a conveniently walkable community with scenic architecture draped in string lights.

Whether you’re visiting or planning to move in, Ayrsely is the place to go!

For more details of what Ayrsley has to offer here.

Author + Photographer: Dee Michel