School Bans Mom From Volunteering After Discovering Her OnlyFans Account

ORLANDO CO., FL. – Banned from school because of her OnlyFans account! A mom of two is suing her kids’ school, after they saw her pictures and said she couldn’t be on campus. Victoria Triece says it started after another parent told school leaders about her OnlyFans account. She is now suing the Orange County Public School district in Florida, in part she says to keep them from doing this to another parent.

Triece says she regularly helped organize activities up until that point. In a statement her attorney says, “What she does in her off time is not illegal, yet we have a morality police with the Orange County School Board and whatever administrators made this horrific decision.”

Triece talked with Orlando TV station WKMG, saying, “It’s never been clarified to me. It was just, you can’t be here around children anymore. Not even your own. I don’t have clarification even. They never even properly said what I could or couldn’t do.”

Our question of the night: Should she be allowed to volunteer?

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