Edge On The Clock: Seniors Using Loofahs To Signal Sexual Preference

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Even J.Lo’s husband can be a pain. Videos and photos of Ben Affleck from the Grammys are going viral because he looked so miserable. J.Lo was caught on camera smacking him in the chest then rolling her eyes, seemingly trying to get him to either sit up or stop talking. One fan tweeted, “Ben Affleck at the Grammys is a sobering reminder that no matter how rich and famous you are, your lady is still going to drag you to stuff you don’t want to go to.”

Plus, people in one retirement community in Florida are using loofah sponges to get down and dirty. The sexy seniors have been caught on video displaying different color loofahs on their cars to signal their sexual preferences. Each color means something different: white means you’re a beginner, black means you’ve got a few notches in your belt, teal means you’re bisexual and purple means you like to watch.

And, Tom Brady is testing out thirst trap territory. The former Tampa Bay Bucs QB posted this selfie, in his underwear, on social media Monday, with the caption, “Did I do this right?” The 45-year-old said the selfie is fulfilling his promise to “recreate” photos of models posing in their undies for his apparel brand if he received 40,000 likes on a tweet from last June. Followers are split, some are loving this side of Brady, but some joked that it looked like he was starting an OnlyFans account less than a week after retiring.

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