Hot In Hollywood: AMC Theater Seat & “Clueless” Commercial

HOLLYWOOD, CA–  In this morning’s “Hot In Hollywood”, AMC Theaters are changing the price of their movie tickets. Ticket prices will now be based on seating. The theaters will offer 3 seating tiers, “Preferred”, “Standard” and “Value”. Seats in the “Value” tier will be the seats in front of the theater and will also be the cheapest. “Standard” seating will be sold for the traditional cost of a ticket. “Preferred” seating will include the middle section seats and come with a slightly premium cost.

Alicia Silverstone is reprising her “Clueless” character in a new Super Bowl commercial for Rakuten. The ad is a recreation of the iconic 90’s movie where Silverstone played Cher Horowitz. The commercial also includes some of the film’s most famous lines and the unforgettable yellow plaid costume.