Black And Hispanic Unemployment Rates Hit Near All-Time Lows

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Unemployment rates hit an all-time low in January according to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report.

Cuzzo’s Cuisine owner Andarrio Johnson has been empowering his community for nearly a decade.

“I remember when I had two employees and now I have 47,” said Johnson.

His two restaurants are helping to lower the unemployment rate for Black Americans which is now reaching a near record low nationally.

Shamira Wright is with Urban League of Central Carolina. An organization striving to eliminate the Black unemployment rate in Charlotte.

“Making more investments and social capital because it’s one thing to put a black person in an interview, it’s another thing to give them tools and the network and social capital they need to make the connections needed to get the job,” said Wright.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics report this week showed the national unemployment rate of black Americans is 5.4%. The lowest it’s been since September of 2019. Nearing the all-time low of 5.3% set the prior month.

Wright says an increase in black-owned businesses like Johnson’s is helping to shrink the unemployment rates.

“It’s a cycle. We can populate the work force development of the economy with entrepreneurs,” explained Wright.

Johnson sees the value in black-owned businesses. As he looks to franchise his restaurant he’s hoping to pass on the entrepreneurial spirit by allowing his employees the opportunity to buy in.

“It gives them a chance to motivate them as well. They see another young black person, trying to do it, they want to do it,” said Johnson.