Our Favorite Off Road And Overloading Accessories For Your Toyota

Does your N Charlotte Toyota regularly find its way off the pavement? If you’re an adventure seeker who likes to take the road less traveled, then it’s good to have the right supplies on hand for the journey. Here are eight of our favorite off road and overloading accessories for your new Toyota. 


8 off road accessories to put on your wish list 

#1: MaxTrax recovery boards: If you’re getting off the beaten path, it’s a good idea to have recovery boards on hand, especially if you’re going alone. These slim, lightweight boards can be placed under your tires to give you extra traction in slippery situations and help you get unstuck when you’re off-road. Plus, they can easily be attached to the roof of your N Charlotte Toyota or thrown in the bed or cargo area. 

#2: RotopaX: Getting out of civilization means getting away from stores and gas stations. RotopaX are an easy way to bring extra water and gasoline along with you when you’re off road. They’re slim containers that can be attached to the side of your N Charlotte Toyota or slid into the bed/cargo area without taking too much space up (although you should never drive with gasoline inside your car). 

#3: Rooftop tent: Get off the ground and get a good night’s sleep – a rooftop tent is a fast, easy way to make it happen. These tents attach to the top of your Toyota and can be quickly put up and taken down so when you’re ready to hit the road, it won’t take more than a few minutes to do so. Plus, they can stay attached to the roof of your vehicle while you’re off road and on the trail. 

#4: Air compressor: You should under inflate your tires if you drive off the pavement – it gives you better traction and control. However, you should reinflate them before you drive on the pavement, and herein lies the problem. There aren’t many air pumps in the woods, so bring your own air compressor to reinflate your tires on the go. 

#5: Jetboil camp stove: You don’t have to give up the comforts of home when you’re away from it; a Jetboil camp stove lets you cook, make coffee, and heat water for showers on the go. Plus, it’s compact and packs down even smaller, making it a no-brainer to bring along for the off road ride. 

#6: Yeti cooler: Keep your food and drinks ice cold without having access to a fridge – get a Yeti cooler. They’re definitely an investment, but being able to go days without replacing the ice is a win when you’re off road and away from civilization (but still want your cold brew). 

#7: Solar string lights: Don’t stumble around your campsite at night or waste your N Charlotte Toyota’s battery trying to use your headlights for illumination. Invest in a simple string of solar-powered string lights that you can hang around the campsite at night. Just set them in the sun during the day to charge up. 

#8: A winch: A winch is another off road investment, but one that can really pay off. This tool attaches to the front of your vehicle and essentially is a cable that can be pulled out and wrapped around a rock or tree. The cable can then slowly be reeled back in, pulling your Toyota out of mud or sand. It’s a lifesaver if you’re going off road alone! 

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