Charlotte Couple Opens First Black-Owned Soul Food Restaurant At Walmart

CHARLOTTE –  A Charlotte couple turned tragedy into triumph.  They recently opened the first ever Black-owned Soul Food restaurant inside a Walmart retail store.

Sharnette King and her husband Terrence are the new owners of Skyview 22 Soul Food and More Restaurant.  It’s located inside the Walmart on Callabridge Court in north west Charlotte near Mountain Island Lake.  The couple previously owned a food truck.

“We started at the Farmer’s Market and that really got me into customer based, I was like cooking for strangers and they would say how good the food was and I was like for real?” says Sharnette King, co-owner.


Her husband found a vacancy sign while shopping at the Walmart one day, and they took a chance.  A year later, they opened their own restaurant.  She got the idea after losing her son back in 2014.

“Once he passed, I used that, and I started cooking to clear my head,” says King.

Skyview 22 Soul Food and More serves up a variety of dishes including, macaroni and cheese, jerk chicken, string beans, seafood salad and more.